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Johnson Ross Tackle Focus – April 2016

As the weather slowly starts to warm up a little (although it’s currently gale force winds and lashing with rain atm!), we checked in with our carp tackle gurus at Johnson Ross Tackle for another Tackle Focus to see what gear has been flying off their shelves over the past couple of months, and more importantly, why …

Number 5 – Gardner GT-HD Mainline – £19.99


Why do you think it is doing well?

Gardner have produced another winner with this line, a reduced stretch line that gives a very crisp, sensitive feel, both on casting and feel the lead down.
A nice dark green colour to blend in on most waters, it also has good abrasion resistance and good sinking qualities.

Available in 12 or 15lb on 1000m spools, this is going to be a best seller this year as its already proved popular with everyone that has used it, several of us in the shop have got on it now.

Number 4 – Fortis Flat Knit Sweater – £44.99


Why do you think it is doing well?

As we have come to expect from Fortis the quality and design of this top is spot on, probably too nice and smart for fishing, due to the minimal branding it will look as cool down the pub as it will on the bank.

Feedback from punters?

We never get anything other than positive feedback from customers on any Fortis product!

Number 3 – Rigmarole Linkteq Leader – £11.99


Why do you think it is doing well?

It’s is incredibly supple and heavy, much heavier than other “non” leadcore leaders and much more supple than usual leadcore. Has a very nice weed colour braided coating and is pretty easy to splice.

Tips/Advice on how best to use?

Use it in any situation that you would use leadcore.

Feedback from punters?

Excellent, we at the shop are super impressed with it, as with most of the offerings from Rigmarole.

Number 2 – Gardner Intensive Care – £9.99


Why do you think it is doing well?

Carp care is on most peoples minds so anything we can use to look after the fish we catch is worth looking at, this is a very visose liquid that cleans, cares for and forms a “patch” over the affected area.

Tips/Advice on how best to use?

Dab the fish dry on the affected area, then apply with the dripper on the bottle and rub gently onto the affected are, leave for a few seconds to absorb before returning the fish.

Feedback from punters?

So far very good, its very similar to some Koi treatments.

Number 1 – CC Moore Pacific Tuna Range – £various


Why do you think it is doing well?

A cracking new bait from CC Moore that has been outstanding whilst on field test. A true fishmeal bait that really does smell of the sea!!

Available in shelf life or frozen and a full range of pop ups, pellets, glugs etc are available.

Do you own any of the above goodies already? Let us know how you’re getting on with them by commenting below. All prices correct at the time of publishing.

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