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Say Good Bye To Two Rod Licences

Following discussions between the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency on the passionate & justified issues raised by specimen anglers, carp anglers & junior anglers, rod licences will have their limit increased to 3, with juniors fishing for free.

rod-licenceWhen it was raised in parliament this week, Fisheries Minister George Eustice confirmed that the changes to the licence will take place from April 2017, with “a full year rolling licence rather than a fixed single season; a licence for a maximum of three rods rather than the current two and a free junior licence for anglers under the age of 16.”. The changes will be advertised from Spring.

365 Day Rolling Rod Licences

This is welcomed news for both carp and specimen anglers alike, who until these changes are in force, were having to buy two rod licences in order to fish with 3 rods. Abolishing the junior licence altogether is aimed at encouraging more youngsters to take up the sport. The new licence will be a 365 day rolling licence with no 31st March end date as it currently is. This is far fairer to anglers who buy a licence mid-way through the season, meaning they won’t have to fork out for a full 12 months for part of the year.

The changes have been welcomed by members of the Angling Industry. Martin Salter, Campaigns Chief for the Angling Trust, said:

“Carp anglers will obviously be pleased, but tench and bream anglers like myself, who usually fish large pits with two rods at a time, would sometimes like to use a third rod to switch quickly to a new method or to stalk a fish showing in the margins. Whilst many anglers I know won’t buy two separate licences at the moment, they would be happy to pay a fair price to use a third rod occasionally. We are particularly pleased that the EA have taken this forward and are prepared to forego the income from the £5 junior licence. I certainly wouldn’t mind paying a bit more for my own licence if it meant that more juniors under 16 could fish for free, because anything that attracts youngsters into our sport has to be good for the future of angling.”

Lee Jackson, former world carp record holder from the Tackle Box in Kent, said:

“Excellent news and not before time, too. It will be of great benefit to anglers, especially carpers, and how brilliant it is to be able to get youngsters into the sport without having to worry about a licence. Well done to the Government, the EA and the Angling Trust for applying common sense.”

Clive Copeland, Head of Angling Development at the Angling Trust, added:

“Our research tells us that the majority of anglers start fishing when they are young. It is vitally important that we make it as easy as possible for young people to take up fishing and having a free junior licence will help us to do this. Healthy numbers of young anglers are obviously crucial to the future of our sport.”

Well done to all who made this happen!

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  • Michael Anderson

    Do they know what the cost is going to be for this 3 rod licence yet would be good information to know

    • ukfisheries

      Hi Michael.

      Thanks for your comment. We don’t know at present, we have to wait for the EA to confirm on this one, but the new scheme will be advertised from Spring this year, so it shouldn’t be too long.

    • Phil Brownsey-Hughes

      Maybe they should bring in a 1 , 2 or 3 rod license making the 1 rod cheaper? this 3 rod thing is only being brought in because carp specimen hunters cry about having to buy 2 licenses! this means pleasure fishermen are going to be penalised which is a P take

      • Dean Sergeant

        totally agree mate. its all talk but no one is saying how much. this will either work or flop !!

      • Samuel Hollingsworth

        how will pleasure anglers be penalised? surely , assuming you meant people that use one or two rods, they would just buy the one license anyway….

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  • N, Sellars

    As a OAP of 74 yrs been a Licence Paying Angler from the age of 20, i think OAP,S from age of 70 Should be Licence Free just the Tv Licence, we Still have to Pay a Conessionary Payment on Private Waters and it,s not as though we can Afford to go Fishing or well Enough to go Every Week let alone every other Day like Younger Anglers and the Most of us are Content just to use One Rod and thats a Bonus.

  • kev wood

    Anglers should have the choice. Not a blanket increase to boost profit or sub the speci anglers

  • Neil Powell

    I can see a large rise in cost happening.otherwise they would of posted it already and not wait for the start of the season

    • ukfisheries

      The EA need to complete the policy setting before the price will be published. Everything will be advertised by Spring.

  • Dean Sergeant

    why do a 3 rod ??? i fish with one. why not make 4 licences to cover all of it.
    1 for 2 rods
    1 for 3 rods
    1 for 4 rods &
    1 for salmon.
    dont mind the usual £1 increase as it stands but i can see this being expensive and lots of people not bothering. i personally have not been checked in over 10 years as i fish in a military base, but i still buy one.
    other option is old school with a paper licence and a stamp per extra rod !!!

    • ukfisheries

      A price rise is inevitable with the fact that the licence hasn’t risen in the last 5 years. Hopefully it will be a ‘reasonable’ increase – we’ll report back once we know.

  • Malcolm Cass

    I only fish with one rod so its looking like its going to cost me more! Doesn’t seem fair to match anglers that only use 1 rod? Should be like other people have stated 1 rod 2 rod 3 rod etc. Or keep the price the same and just do 3 rods etc. Its just a licence to fish and let the owners of the waters decided whats the max amount of rods you can use.

  • Stewart Whitworth

    This isnt just benefiting carp anglers its also benefits the young anglers. I use 2 rods but im happy to pay an extra pound or whatever to see the younger generation benefit

    • ukfisheries

      Absolutely Stewart – young anglers are the life blood needed to keep angling as the biggest participation sport in the UK.

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